January 5, 2010


CIC means community information centers. These centers are established by the govenment in 2002 to connect remote and hilly areas(such as : north west region and Jammu kashmir ) to mainstream.
CICs perform many functions such as internet browsing, computer training,Information to the farmers about local industries and agriculture, entertainment etc.
Though these centers have successfully fulfilled their purpose, there are much to do to enhance the accessiblity and objectivity.
As we know these centers are established in cities and far from poor people.For poor , it is costly to reach these centers. Moreover there is huge percentage of illiterate in these areas. Firstly, basic education should be provided to these people so that they can be benefited.
Apart from these remote states,these centers should also be in the most corrupted states so that people can be aware of their basic rights. Corruption is spreading because poor and illiterate people do not aware of their rights

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