July 7, 2012

Energy Efficent Formula:Green architecture!

The green architecture acts as the solution towards the pressing issues of modern building design in India and helps in the reduction in the consumption of fossil fuel as well as energy and provides maximum indoor comfort through natural means. In other words the green architecture leads to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings and helps in the healthy and economic development of building industry. The basic principle of green architecture is climate responsive building or solar passive building design guidelines to minimize load on conventional energy demand. The green design results in the following benefits:
1.            High standard of thermal and visual comfort
2.            Lower maintenance cost of building systems
3.            Reduced operational energy consumption
4.            Lower emission of greenhouse gas (CO2)
5.            Low cost building material usage
6.            Longer building life and
7.            Healthier and more productive occupant etc.
The prime objective of green architecture is to achieve light & ventilation in each living space, i.e adequate thermal & visual comfort and to achieve this objective a set of building design strategies need to be followed in an integrated way, as explained below.
1.                   Optimum orientation: