April 18, 2010

Innovative Method of Cheating:Answer Sheet's Theft

Employing an innovative method of cheating, a student took his answer sheet of first year BSc paper, home on April,15 only to return it to the examiners on April,16. He claimed that he had forgotten to submit it.

Examiners at Gujarat College have sent the answer sheet to Gujarat University.

The interesting aspect of the incident is that the Gujarat College examiners did not realise the answer sheet's theft and reportedly told varsity authorities that it was a counting mistake. However, the blunder came to light, when the student along with his father turned up next day to return the answer sheet.

"The student said he had forgotten to submit the sheet. We've sent it with the student's statement to Gujarat University and now it is up to them to decide whether to lodge cheating case," said college principal, Mahendra Bhatt. In another development, students appearing for the third year exams at Gujarat College centre, complained of congested seating arrangement.

As,this story is not something out of box.In Day to day life something unique happened in our country.And I want to say To That Young Men.............You have all the traits of becoming a Einstein! Keep it up!We need more people like you who can get so engrossed in problems that are unaware of the happenings around them.Hats off to you!


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